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My Journey

Growing up in Indiana, a meat & cheese diet mixed with food for comfort quickly led me to weighing close to 200 lbs and technically obese.

After trying every quick-fix diet, I finally found long-term success by making small changes in my diet that grew to a whole new lifestyle.

Through losing 60 lbs, I found a new passion for nutrition and left my job as an Investment Broker to become a Registered Dietitian. I wanted to share with others the feeling I had learned to create within myself.

I have found that overall wellness is based on the small choices we make when navigating through our day, such as how we feed our body.  I don't mean eating your leafy greens every day (but do!)... I mean finding the balance in life that works for YOU and knowing how to embrace the challenges that life will inevitably bring.

Meditating on the Beach


Registered Dietitian - RD/LDN

BS in Dietetics & Nutrition

BS in Public & Environmental Affairs

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Plant-Based Certification, eCornell

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