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Healthy Food


Holistic, sustainable approaches to improving you!

Functional Nutrition Therapy

We start with a complementary assessment! Our first session will take into account your home life, medical conditions, health concerns, cooking skills and overall goals. From here, we can develop an appropriate approach within various pricing and payment options.

Follow-up sessions are where the real magic begins to happen. We'll continue working together to identify obstacles that arise along the way and implementing strategies to overcome them.

The ultimate goal is when you've found a freeing flow and the best version of yourself... at which point, you'll no longer need my guidance!

Monthly & a la carte options available.

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Mindful Yoga & Streching

Develop a deeper connection or a better ability to reach your toes!

Yoga can be part of your holistic healing journey through breath work and improved mobility. Sessions are personalized to accomodate injury or limitations, as well as build a better mind-body connection.

Private and semi-private sesion available. 


Substance Abuse Therapy

Substance abuse damages the body's organs and alters functions of the brain. As a key component in successful recovery, nutrition and yoga aid in replenishing malnourshment, healing damaged bodies, restoring natural interal processes and finding a new level of mental clarity and connection to self. 

DCF & JCAHO nutrition assessments & menu review.

Group nutrition and yoga group sessions. 

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