Nutrition Consulting

STEP 1: 60-minute Assessment - FREE

[Evaluate dietary & medical history, anthropometric and biochemical measurements lifestyle & activity, food preferences, goals]

STEP 2: Recommendations & Plan 

[Nutrition recommendations/education, macronutrient calculations, meal plans, recipes, portion sizes and medical nutrition therapy interventions]

STEP 3: Monitor & Follow-up

[Follow-ups to measure your progress, identify any new obstacles, & adjust plan to reach your goal]


[Assessment: FREE!

Recommendations & Plan Options: $140 - $460

Follow-ups: $60-80]


Bioelectrical Impedance Body Analysis

When you step on the scale, the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology sends a low, safe electrical signal through the body. The electrical signal passes quickly through lean mass but is impeded when meeting fat. The impedance is measured to calculate your full body composition and track your weight loss over time.

In less than 1 minute, you'll learn your body's: [Body fat %, Visceral fat (fat around organs), Bone Mass, Metabolic age & More]


Yoga & Mindful Movement

Group or private yoga sessions to improve mobility, strength, mental clarity & overall wellness.


[Based on group size]


Substance Abuse Nutrition & Yoga Therapy

Substance abuse damages the body's organs and alters functions of the brain. As a key component in successful recovery, nutrition aids in replenishing malnourishment, healing damaged bodies, restoring natural internal processes and finding a new level of mental clarity. Through individual nutrition consulting and groups of nutrition and yoga, clients build better self-care to support their recovery.