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Hate the gym? Me too

We all know how important nutrition and physical activity are for our health. However, a lot of us (including me) get tired of working out, are super busy or just don't know where to start. Through my weight-loss, I was going to a box gym - running on an elliptical, lifting weights, etc. This is great for a lot of people.. but not all of us!

Discovering group fitness classes changed the game for me. I picked up yoga (after resisting for so many years) and found TRX Suspension Training. Outside of these, I explored into Pilates, Aerial Yoga, Kickboxing, you name it. Most studios will offer you a free class or two as a new client, without a commitment. This way, if you don't enjoy it, you never have to go back.

If you are looking for group classes around your area, try the MindBody app. It's free and gives you locations, schedules and prices of surrounding places.

Find something active you enjoy doing & do it! It may be playing basketball, throwing a frisbee with a friend or gardening. Doesn't matter - we just have to move!

Be brave, try new things, find something that gets your blood & endorphins flowing!

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