Make Conscious Choices

Have you tried nutritional yeast? I hadn't and I was missing out! 

A member of the fungi family, nutritional yeast typically grows on molasses. Through the drying process it becomes inactive flakes of yeast that will not cause overgrowth in the body.

These tiny dried fla...

    Grains come in all different varieties and can be categorized as whole grain or refined grain. Whole grain is simply what it sounds like, the entire grain: bran, endosperm and germ. The diagram gives a visual of a whole grain’s parts and it’s benefits.  I...

The more I learn, the more my diet evolves.  I've been drastically cutting back on animal products despite the challenges that brings sometimes. Meat can be tough for your body to breakdown and produce toxic wastes when doing so. When you eat too much meat (as our enti...

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