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Nutritional Yeast

Have you tried nutritional yeast? I hadn't and I was missing out!

A member of the fungi family, nutritional yeast typically grows on molasses. Through the drying process it becomes inactive flakes of yeast that will not cause overgrowth in the body.

These tiny dried flakes have a cheesy, nutty taste making it a great addition to many dishes, especially vegan ones. They are also packed with nutrients, especially B vitamins. You can find fortified or unfortified versions in the store, varying in nutrient levels. Regardless of which you buy, the benefits are extensive.

Due to the beta-1,3 glucan, it can aid in reducing cholesterol, improving digestion and aiding in weight management. It's probiotic content also contributes to a healthier gut and stronger immune system.

For those reducing their animal intake, nutritional yeast provides all the amino acids your body cannot produce, making it a complete protein. Additionally, it is rich in B vitamins, even offering B12 in the fortified version. The benefits go on and on!

I'm still playing with ways to use it but so far I've made a vegan cheese sauce and used it like breadcrumb topping. I hear it's a good seasoning for popcorn too! Be on the lookout for more recipes with these delicious flakes or send me yours if you're already using it!

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