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"How did you lose the weight?"

This is the question we all ask people who have lost a substantial amount of weight. I know I used to (and still do) ask this of people all the time.. tell me your secret! On the other side of the scale now, I get this question often.

I wish I could tell people some simple trick, like sleep with lemon under your pillow and wake up skinny. Fortunately, it is a pretty simple answer. Eat close to the earth, move your body. That's it.

I began eating almost zero fruits or vegetables, except corn and potatoes - the midwest healthy stuff! I ate a lot of fast food, processed crap, and a ton of meat. My first step was small; I just cut back on portion sizes. I think this is so common in our culture to over indulge on meals. We all love to eat.

  • Watch the potions! Think about this: a serving of chicken should be about the size of a deck of cards. How many of us eat that size?

As I progressed, my diet evolved more and more. I started giving F&V a chance, slowly. I found the best way is to slowly "dilute" the bad with the good. Eventually, you'll do away with the back.

For instance, pastas are a big staple for a lot of people, because it is so easy and versatile. Unfortunately, it gives your body a rollercoaster ride you don't want to be on. Glucose, insulin, hormones, ahh!

  • Solution? Start adding in vegetables to your pasta. This way you are getting an abundance of nutrients and not just refined grains. I moved from spaghetti noodles, to spaghetti & zucchini noodles to only zucchini noodles. It's a process, take it as slowly as you need to but take the step!

Eventually, you will start craving the real, unprocessed foods. Even now if I crave something really unhealthy and let myself have it, I'm actually let down by it. McD's fries aren't as good as I remembered!

Start eating from the earth. Do you know what the ingredients are? Eat as much as you can WITHOUT a label - that's real food. If it does have a label, READ IT! Do you know what the ingredients are or are they completely foreign terms? If they are foreign to you, they are foreign to your body an

d not digested and utilized well.

Do your body a favor and give it the tools it needs to run smoothly. It will thank you!

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