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Cauliflower Aged Cheddar Dip

This recipe is perfect for cookouts or gatherings! People love cheese dips, so to make it a bit healthier, load it with veggies.

1 head cauliflower, chopped

8oz plain Greek yogurt

8oz aged white cheddar, softened

2 cloves garlic, minced

1tbsp thyme

1tsp evoo

salt & pepper

I chop the cauliflower into varying sized florets to give the dip some texture. Toss it in the 1tsp of olive oil. Roast on foil lined baking sheet for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees. It will start to roast and brown a little.

Soften white cheddar cheese and stir in all other ingredients. If you have a food processor, throw everything in it together. I have a small little smoothie blender I use, so whatever works. I just put the cauliflower in there to get most of it into smaller pieces with a smoother texture. Then I transfer it to a bowl with the remaining ingredients and mix by hand. I leave some of the cauliflower about quarter sized, again to give texture - up to you!

Throw it back in the oven to heat through, then broil for a couple minutes at the end to get the nice browning on top! I serve it with the bean & rice chips, because if I'm going to eat chips, these at least contain real ingredients.

Great source of Vitamin C, B6, Magnesium, Potassium & FIBER! :)

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