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The Dollop on Your Yogurt

First, let me state, dairy products aren't something I go crazy on. I have cheese and yogurt about once or twice a week. I definitely haven't purchased cow's milk in years. What about calcium you ask? Psh. Eat real food and you'll be just fine... Broccoli & leafy greens have plenty for you!

When I do eat dairy products like yogurt, I try to find something that isn't filled with too much CRAP, especially added sugar. Naturally, yogurt contains a sugar called lactose. What we don't want is additional sugar on top of that from added flavors.

For the sake of my explanation, I have Choboni's yogurt... Choboni is typically lower in sugar & contains 3 strains of probiotics, or good bacteria. Just check the labels when you choose a brand. You can even go for soy or almond-based yogurts for tons of other benefits too!

Here we have strawberry flavored & plain yogurt. Many consumers go for the fruit flavored yogurts with good intentions. Problem is, the second ingredient is evaporated cane juice, rather than actual strawberries. WTF? More processed sugary stuff!

The strawberry cup of yogurt contains 15 grams of sugar VS 4 grams in the plain!! That's big difference when the recommended maximum per day is less than 30 grams.

Don't like plain yogurt? No problem - add cinnamon, fruit, nuts & seeds. Yes, the fruit adds more sugar but at least this way 1) it's real fruit & 2) you can control how much you add. If you MUST have flavored, buy 1 flavored & 1 plain, mix them, eat half! It's like diluting the bad with some good, you know?

Marketing is VERY deceiving, so you have to look at the nutrition labels rather than the health claims and pretty pictures!

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