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No Chip Nachos with loads of Vitamins!

Every week I indulge in Taco Tuesday.. well, sort of. Most of the time, I cook my own tacos at home, which means I can control what and how much I put into them. Typically, I will skip the taco shells and have a taco salad, maybe some chips on the side with beans or homemade guacamole.

This week, I wanted nachos - without 65 chips piled under all the goodness. I went for a #nochipnacho approach. Instead of chips, I used bell peppers. Genius, I know. Bell peppers offer tons of Vitamin A, E,& C, not to mention antioxidants! Eating bell peppers helps with immune health, skin, eye & and hair health, reducing inflammation, controlling diabetes, regenerating cells, decreasing chance of cancer, you name it!

Chicken breast, seasoned with garlic & cumin

Bell peppers, variety of colors is always best, cut into 1/5th slivers to make a boat

Tomato, diced

Cheese, shredded

Green onions

Beans, greek yogurt, whatever else you like on your nachos!

Place pepper boats on a greased baking sheet & fill each one with your toppings!

I shredded my chicken breast, topped it with beans, tomatoes, Monterrey jack cheese & green onions. Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes to heat & melt everything together. Top it off with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, or whatever else you like!

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