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After over half my life on birth control...

With all my knowledge and fascination with the body's ability to heal and do everything we need it to, I knew it was time to come off birth control.

At a young age, I was put on birth control and asked no questions. I mean, no 15 year old is thinking, "What is this going to do to my own hormone production?". Like every other teen prescribed birth control, I was happy to have less cramps and pimples. Eventually, it led to me losing my period all together and made me realize this couldn't be good. I consulted multiple doctors who assured me it was fine; I didn't believe that. After doing my own research and finally finding a doctor who spoke my languange, I made the move to get off birth control and track my cycle to naturally prevent pregnancy.

I began with a supplement regimen and seed cycling, which was new to me. I learned that through consuming specific seeds during specific times of my cycle, I could supp

ort my body in making proper amounts of estrogen and progesterone. Within 3 weeks of stopping birth control and starting seed cycling, I got my period again. Woohoo! My PMS symptoms were very minimal and I now understand that is the way it is supposed to be. Women are not supposed to suffer for a week every month!

I'll continue to share my journey of tracking my cycle and supporting it with certain foods and types of training based on which phase I am in. If you want more information on seed cycling, head over to my STORE page and check out the quick guide to get started.


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