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Embrace Yourself

As a dietitian, sometimes I feel pressure to have a certain image. I’ll put pressure on myself to improve how my body looks externally. I imagine people frown upon a nutrition professional who carries a little extra weight. Yes, my belly hangs over my pants when I sit, I have some muffin top and not so firm triceps.

But! I’m happy and healthy, so why do I need to live up to expectations that are often unrealistic or just flat out stressful as hell? I’ve gone through a major journey of losing over 60# and taking control of my health.

I eat clean 90% of the time and workout semi-regularly. Food is a way of showing love for me. I’m not going to keep associating this with negativity. We’re all human. We all have flawed perceptions of ourselves. Embrace who you are. Work towards something every day and don’t let society’s input take your peace. ❣️✌🏼

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